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Increase productivity


Decrease car idling times



Avoid wasting driving times

Improve Fleet-wide productivity

Improve overall fleet safety

Provide enhanced customer service level

Establish reliable company public image

Create an eco-friendly fleet

Generate an instant ROI


Castel Beidou Hong Kong Limited

User-friendly Solution


Our experts are able to design suitable solution upon your request.

Significant Growth


Our products and services receive high praise from customers. Since our products not only provide practical use, but also could help your company to improve driving behavior, reduce operating cost and maintenance cost.

Accurate Positioning


With advanced technology from China aerospace, our product is compatible with Beidou satellite, in order to provide the most accurate GPS information.

VMS Plaform


VMS online platform provides a range of data, for example real-time location, time, distance and vehicle status and so on. After integration analysis, computer will export analytical reports such as driving behavior and fatigue driving.

Driving Behavior


As a manager, you are difficult to monitor each driver’s movement. Therefore, attendance record and driving behavior analysis would help you understand the performance of drivers at work.

Our Promise


Thanks for all supporting and trust from our customers. We will try our best to provide high technical products and services to satisfy your expectations.

Booking your experience


Whether you have interest to know more or considering improve your existing business, we are pleasure help you enhance the goals.


Castel will develop a range of suitable solutions for your company. For reinforce and maintain the relationship between the company and clients as well as satisfaction.

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