Are you aware your kid needs?


The best advanced Micro-tracker leading the new era 


Caring each family members

Science & Technology

Apply latest aerospace technologies


User-friendly and Intellective machineries



Positioning and Emergency relief

Kids Smart Tracking Watch


For precious family


Press SOS button send crash location to ask helps and increase search and rescue efficiency.

Safely home


After school time is another opportunity make the child lose. Therefore, parents need to be more vigilant, let someone cannot abduct your kid. 

To be more freedom


Children can experience life alone and make you feel at ease all the time. 

Review History Path to protect elderly


To protect your family in safe. For reduce possibly get lost, you can monitor user’s current position and travel records on mobile app. Even occurs accident, it can find out the children location and increase percentage of survival.  


Send alarm notification 


You can set Geo-fencing to avoid the children get lost. And the device will send alarm notification to mobile app if he/she exits this area.

Smart locating

Let you understand user real-time position by mobile app. You can give immediate assistance when he/she in emergency.


You can set Geo-fencing. The device will send alarm notification to mobile app automatically whenever user enters or exits this area. 

History Path

Understand users whereabouts anytime. 


User can press SOS button to send signal of distress when he/she in dangerous. And you can note this signal by mobile app that then give immediate assistance.

Low voltage alarm

It will show notification on mobile app while the power is low. 

Mobile app 

For more convenience to manage devices, the premium account can support ten devices. 

Two-way communication

User can make calls or answer calls. 

Free Voice Minutes included.

(Only applicable to specific product)

Call Firewall

Only the contact numbers in telephone book can reach user. All other anonymous calls are blocked, so as to prevent any disturbance. 

(Only applicable to specific product)



Track Daily Activity

Keep track of user's movement throughout the day. Counting of walking step and burned calorie helps user to meet the fitness goal.

(Only applicable to specific product)

Silent Mode

Put device into Silent Mode via mobile app. Once device is under this mode, the majority functions are not in use, except time display function.

(Only applicable to specific product)



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