VMS  Platform
What is VMS?

VMS stands for Vehicle Management System, it transfers the satellite positioning data which is provided by global positioning system with GSM/GPRS network. And this data helps fleet manager to monitor the entire transportation process through computer, so as to have a more efficient fleet management, and reduce costs.


What are the functions in VMS?


  • Vehicle real-time positioning

  • Multi-cars monitor

  • Area monitor

  • Driving behavior analysis

  • Data reporting

  • Mileage statistics

  • Driving routes replay

  • Alarm setting

And so on…


What kind of reports VMS platform could provide?

VMS platform could provides more than 20 kinds of statistics reporting service, it includes mileage statistics, Driving routes replay, geo-fence alert records, route deviation statistics,traffic statistics, fatigue driving statistics and so on. Plus, those reports can be customized base on your needs.


How VMS could assist you?

VMS platform is able to provide you modern fleet management and the objective data from the third party.


Which industries VMS can be applied to?

VMS can be applied to logistics industry and construction industry, such as, goods transport, passenger transport, sea transport, air transport, express delivery industry, warehousing industry, cargo agency and other logistics service. Moreover, VMS could also provide global positioning solution for helicopter and yacht


What are the language options?

Currently, the VMS platform provides four languages options: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and Russian, if you need other language, our expert can customize the system base on your preferences with an additional development fee.


Can I use the device in a foreign country?

Yes. All Castel GPS devices can use globally, by simply insert a local SIM card.


What if I have trouble using the platform?

You can visit our FAQs page for helpful tips and instructions. You can also contact us at 852-5107 2828 if you need additional assistance.


How can I obtain Castel services?

Our devices can be either purchased or rent, just give us a call at 852-2627 3356, our expert is willing to help.

Services and maintenance
How long is GPS device warranty?

Castel provides one-year free repair service; this warranty covers hardware only.


Does warranty cover accessories? If yes, how long?

Yes, this warranty covers the accessories for 6 months.


What should I do if the serial number has been effaced or removed?

Normally, the warranty starts on the day you purchased the item. The shopping receipt also could be a proof, as well as the warranty card.


What is the repair and maintenance procedure?

After submit the repair request, if it is detected as hardware issue, our customer service will contact you and arrange appointment for repairing.

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