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Founded in 1990, located in Hong Kong, Vanquish provides professional business services including HK-China cross-border container trucking/cargo transportation, terminal haulage service, warehousing and cargo distribution and other kinds of logistics services.

Logistics industry

Main function

Challenge for Vanquish

There is over 100 vehicles drive at the speed limit at the pier everyday, but unfortunately the accidents are still occurring.


Improve safety awareness

Revitalize the organization

Execute bonus system

Reduce operating expense

Enhance manpower utilization

Develop overall fleet management

Safety is always first priority when operating business at the dock, since the cost of accidents is not only a loss of money and also the impact on daily operation, or even result in casualties. So in order to prevent from the safety issues, improving driver safety awareness is quite critical. Besides, common maps cannot display specific building around the dock, this situation would affect displaying the exact location of a vehicle, increasing difficulty and time required to deploy a search of the vehicle, and hard to record driver’s attendance.


Facing such complicated issues, how does Castel help with managers to improve company strategy?


Castel offers driving behavior function, which allows drivers to do self-monitoring and enhance safety awareness. All the driving data will automatically upload into our VMS platform for further analysis, and within the data output, company could set up bonus system based on driver’s behavior, and other reports could also help management level to better do decision-making and strategy plan. Meanwhile, our experts designed an advanced mapping system for ensuring positioning precision.


Castel Beidou Hong Kong Limited

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Successful stories

For shipping industry, it is difficult to directly and actively monitor the ships position, facing such a serious obstacle, how Castel could assist with the management?

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