Take responsibilities for the elderly


The best advanced Micro-tracker leading the new era 


Caring each family members

Science & Technology

Apply latest aerospace technologies


User-friendly and Intellective machineries


Positioning and Emergency relief


For precious family 


Press SOS button send crash location to ask helps and increase search and rescue efficiency.

Warm reminder


When the elderly need to go to follow-up treatment, you can monitor his/her movement.  

Be more freedom


The elderly do not have to worry about lose issues. 

Review History Path to protect elderly


To protect them in safe. For reduce possibly get lost, you can monitor user’s current position and travel records on mobile app. Even occurs accident, the helicopter can more effectively to find out the location and increase percentage of survival. 


Send alarm notification 


Some elders are very easily lost at the street. You can set Geo-fencing to avoid this issue. And the device will send alarm notification to mobile app if the elder exit Geo-fencing.

Smart locating

Let you understand user real-time position by mobile app. You can give immediate assistance when he/she in emergency.


You can set Geo-fencing. The device will send alarm notification to mobile app automatically whenever user enters or exits this area. 

History Path

Understand users whereabouts anytime. 


User can press SOS button to send signal of distress when he/she in dangerous. And you can note this signal by mobile app that then give immediate assistance.

Low voltage alarm

It will show notification on mobile app while the power is low. 

Mobile app 

For more convenience to manage devices, the premium account can support ten devices. 

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