Create driver reports and bonus system

Keep update real-time location to platform

Ensure quicker response time between driver and fleet manager

Generate fleet tracking reports

Function description

Satellite direct transmission

Dual-mode conversion

Borderless reception

Easy to operate

Instant barcode scanning

Real-time package tracking

Camera recording of documents

Staff attendance records

The best-advanced intelligent tool

The best solution to behavior optimization


Driving behavior

Improve bad driving habit, increase safety conscious and develop bonus system, risk evaluation and human resource management.

Accurate positioning

Combine GPS and Beidou satellites for accurate data

CB Cam

Triggered shoot and upload to the platform instantly.

Customized function

Develop unique solution for each customer

Smart card authorization 

Identify the driver’s identity, time and location

Temperature monitoring

Instant aware inside temperature of refrigerator trailer

Passive monitor

Monitor the vehicle in any situation

CB Message

CB Talk

Chat with the control center when needed


In case of emergency, press the button to notice control room immediately.

Navigation, Scheduling plan and other information issued by the control center can be displayed, the device also can dial designated phone number.

Boundless and borderless

A whole new technology


Breakthrough boundary

Castel provides Iridium and GPRS combination tracking system 






In general, the device will send GPS location to platform through GPRS network. But in case of no GPRS network signal, it will automatically convert to iridium satellites until the GPRS signal is restored.

Scan and go

More efficient logistics procedure

Automatic conversion feature


Align GPS with DMS platform; Castel make your business easier. Additional, in our DMS platform, there is communication function provided for driver and control center in case of emergency.  


Camera: 200/300/500 megapixels, flash feature, upload to platform.

GPS: Instantly notification of the courier location.

Shipping Management: Courier can simply follow the task list created by the platform.

Scheduling Management: dialogue in SMS and voice messages.

Email notification: Consignor and consignee will get receipt by email.

Staff Attendance: record and upload staff working hour.




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