With Samsung "Safety Truck", you can see through... in safe


Castel Beidou Hong Kong Limited, 27 July, 2015


Samsung got a new concept that probably make driving a lot safer. It’s as simple as that wireless camera attached to the front of the truck for films the oncoming traffic then sends the video wall made out of exterior monitors located on the back. 

That’s truck called “safety truck” was shared by Samsung’s blog last week. 

The same as a driver, you must knew that cars behind the truck will get a bad view, because you couldn't understand what is in front of the truck, and is safe to takeover or not. 


However with this, we never afraid driving behind the truck cause you will get a better view, allowing them to make better decisions, especially when they decide to overtake the truck, Samsung says. 

Argentina is one of the countries has highest car accident rate in the world, with most of them involving passing on two lane roads according to Road Safety Annual Report of 2014. Therefore, Samsung cited stats from Argentina to explain the logic behind this idea. 


If implemented, the system could be a game-changer. Samsung noted the “Safety Truck” is still only a prototype and not operational yet. Based on what it saw in the testing phase, it’s seem this idea will take off soon. 



Are you feeling interested in it too? 

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