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safety is the fundamental

Safety assurance

Security level is the most important indicator of the security industry. However, improving the security level is not just relying on the supporting equipment but also a good driving attitude. Castel driving behavior detector provides alerts to notify driver and fleet manager when a driver is not in compliance with safe driving rules, e.g. hard breaking, hard-acceleration or hard-turn, it would immediately raise the alarm to alert the driver, which can effectively ensure the safety of driver and assets.

Latest Technology

This is a new generation of technology. In the past, drivers communicate by walkie-talkie. Now, Castel offers two superior technologies: passive monitoring function and independent communication function. Passive monitoring function means that in case of an emergency, it would immediately notify the manager, and manager can choose to hear the situation inside the vehicle and make decision. The independent communication function means the manager is able to communicate with the driver anytime and anywhere.

Increase awareness of driving safety

Protect valuable assets

More communication channel

Monitor vehicle location in real-time

Enhance the security level

Better decision making by data analysis

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There is over 100 vehicles drive at the speed limit at the pier everyday, but unfortunately the accidents are still occurring.

How does Castel help managers solved this problem?


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