VMS Introduction

   VMS is your best business partner

With VMS, it Enhance safety and security for personnel by providing direct assistance and support, monitoring vehicle activity, You will be able to provide better service and the money you will save with fleet GPS will help you keep costs low.


Providing direct assistance, support and monitoring of vehicle activities, VMS enhances personal safety and security. You will be able to obtain better fleet management service and cost saving by GPS.


Employee Monitoring

Grasping the real time monitoring function, VMS offers you the instant management information and helps your management control.

  • Step 1 ​- Under real-time monitor’ tab​

  • Step 2 ​- Choose the vehicle/vehicles you want to track​

  • Step 3 ​- View in single or multiple screens​

Real-time Job Status

VMS platform realizes reliable data to support your management.

  • Real-time monitor​

  • Click on top-right corner, Alarm icon​

  • Display  alarms details​


Stolen Equipment

Protect your most important asset

  •  Use the function of ‘track, roll call ​and track playback’

         under the ‘monitoring’ tab​

  • When meet suspicious vehicle, click ​on the ‘track’ icon

         to do real-time vehicle tracking​

  • Rollback function can ask the selected​ vehicle to send

        instant positioning information​

  • Click on ‘track playback’, you can check​ the vehicle historical

        driving route in a specific​ period of time​

  • Use smart card authentication to avoid​ from unauthorized

        vehicle usage ​


Reduce Operating Cost

reduce unnecessary expense to enhance your ROI

  • Under ‘Report’ tab​

  • Choose ‘Mileage Statistics’ & ‘Fuel Consumption Report’​

  • View Fuel Cost in details  ​

  • Under ‘Basic Data’ tab​

  • Choose ‘Maintenance & Reminder’  and ‘Maintenance Records’​

  • Create vehicle maintenance reminder and develop better maintenance routines​


Superior Route Planning

decrease car idling times and carbon emissions

  • Under ‘Map Management’ tab​

  • Contains Landmark, Geo-fencing and Route Management​

  • Create smarter route planning and more predictable schedule​

Maintain Customer Satisfaction

customer is our first priority

  • When it is providing a service for a customer, easily check on an employee and see how close they are to the clients’ location, which ultimately maintain customer satisfaction and enhance customer service level. 


Better KPI Setting

help enterprise to analyze and predict the market and future planning.

  • Under ‘Report’ tab​

  • Choose ‘Driver’ and choose ‘ Driving Behavior Statistics’​

  • Check Driver’s driving score​

  • Better KPI setting and reward system ​

Ease of Use

Realizes the real time information via the internet browser or your smartphone.

  • User-friendly interfaces enable easy access to quality information and data

       from any computer or mobile device.

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